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The Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Inter-Ministerial Committee was appointed by Cabinet in 2018 to guide the implementation of the Action Plan for the ICZM Policy Framework. The ICZM Policy Framework seeks to facilitate an integrated approach to coastal zone management aimed at maintaining and where necessary, enhancing the functional integrity of the coastal resource systems while enabling sustainable, economic development through rational, inclusive decision-making and planning. The terms of reference of the ICZM Inter-Ministerial Committee are as follows:
i. To review and finalise the draft ICZM Policy Framework based on a public consultative process.
ii. To oversee the implementation of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Policy Framework to mitigate negative impacts on the coastal and marine environment.
iii. To identify key targets and indicators, and appropriate timelines as per the Action Plan.
iv. To assign action items to the most relevant agency, and be authorised to co-opt other Ministries /Division/ Agencies as may be required for the implementation of the Action Plan.
v. To prepare annual status report on the implementation of the Action Plan and submit to the Ministry of Planning and Development.
vi. To coordinate the production of a biannual State of the Marine Environment Report.

Team Members


Mr. Ric Javed Ali
Dr. Rahanna Juman
Mr. Muhammad
Anwar Baksh



Mr. Deon Brebnor




Mrs. Lavaughn Jack-Ovid
Ms. Elizabeth Mohammed
Ms. Nadia Gour
Mr. Kerry Sheppard